27.02.2014 16:22 By: Aaro

Pancake by the house style

Chef Michael from the Alte Krone recommends the legendary pancake by the house style this time. Here you will find the recipe.

Michael has been the chef at the Alte Krone for years and have specialized on fish dishes in lactose- and gluten-free cuisine. The following recommendation is vegetarian, gluten-free and easy for home cooks also. Have fun in the with the recipe, wishes chef Michael and Traveltalk staff.

Lactose- and gluten-free Pancake by the house style


100 g gluten-free flour
25 g of grape seed flour
3 eggs
½ cup of soy milk
50 g of sugar
20 g raisins
2 cl sparkling mineral water
Vegetable oil for frying and icing sugar


Add the gluten-free flour and grape seed flour in a bowl with the soy milk, 30 g sugar and stir until they are smooth. Then add the eggs and mix well, at the end add the mineral water and mix once again shortly…

Add 10 g of sugar with some oil and melt it in a non-stick pan to bring a light caramel on it, then add the batter with the raisins and the remaining sugar. Fry briefly and then finish cooking in the oven. Just tear the pancake to pieces with two spoons and heat again briefly on the hotplate, then sprinkle with icing sugar on the top and serve!

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